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  • Chica and Jo gave us an awesome review!
    • "If you want to learn how to craft with polymer clay, or if you just need to polish up on some advanced techniques, get yourself a copy of Polymer Clay 101 today. With a little practice, the helpful illustrated book, and the clear video demonstrations, you'll be an expert in no time." [Read the full review here.] (Added 4/28/11)
  • Mark Lipinski interviewed the Polymer Clay 101 authors for his Creative Mojo radio show.
    • Mark says, "This book is a winner! I'm so excited to start. The projects are wonderful."
    • Listen to the whole show on or through iTunes. Our segment starts at about 76:35. (Added 3/30/11)
  • Library Journal gave us a star!
    • "Polymer clay work is one of the rare crafts with potential to appeal to serious artists as well as casual crafters... With the guidance of polymer clay artists Mabray and Otterbein, crafters can get a handle on all of the basics of working with this distinctive medium. The projects are the highlight here--the authors expect readers to learn by doing." [read more here] (Added 2/25/11)
  • Amazon reviews are starting to roll in:
    • "Fantastic!!"
    • "DVD makes it worthwhile."
    • "The DVD alone is worth the price of the book. I am going to recommend this book to everyone I know."
    • Read more here. (Added 1/1/11)
  • Author Angela Mabray shares her thoughts on the book's strong points. (Added 12/16/10)
  • Craftside posted a sample chapter from Polymer Clay 101. (Added 12/14/10)

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