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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chapter 9: ButtonsCan you machine wash and dry the polymer clay buttons in the “Buttons with Embedded Shanks” project (p. 146)?
    • While buttons made from strong brands of polymer clay (such as Premo, Kato or Fimo Classic) can be machine washed and dried, the buttons in this project also include Magic Glos UV Resin. Lisa Pavelka, whose company manufactures Magic Glos, says this: “I have made some buttons this way, but only recommend hand washing and air/line drying. Even though Magic Glos is heatable, it can darken in a dryer and depending on the surface it’s applied to, it may come off with agitation.”
  • Chapter 2: Marbled PenWhere can I purchase pens to cover?


  • Studio_logo.jpgStudio by Sculpey Clay: Unfortunately, product availability sometimes changes during the book publishing process. As of December 31, 2010, Polyform discontinued the Studio by Sculpey line of clay. You may still find some sources of the clay; otherwise, substitute your own favorite brand or see the color recipes below to recreate the colors.
    • Studio by Sculpey Pomegranate = 2 parts Hot Pink Pluffy + 1 part Alizarin Crimson Hue Premo (#5383) + 1 part Pomegranate Premo (#5026)
    • Studio by Sculpey Spanish Olive Green = 2 parts Yellow Pluffy + 2 parts Green Pluffy + 1 part Burnt  Umber Premo (#5053) + 3 parts Spanish Olive Premo (#5007)
    • Studio by Sculpey Butterscotch Yellow = 6 parts Yellow Pluffy +1 part Orange Pluffy + 6 parts Cadmium Yellow Hue (#55572) + 1 part Raw Sienna (#55392)
    • Studio by Sculpey Clementine = 3 parts Orange Pluffy + 2 parts Red Pluffy + 5 parts Orange Premo (#5033)
    • Studio by Sculpey Patina = 3 parts Gray Pluffy + 4 parts Spanish Olive Premo (#5007) + 1 part Navy Blue Premo (#5010)
    • Studio by Sculpey Sedona = 4 parts Orange Pluffy + 3 parts Gray Pluffy + 4 parts Blush Premo (#5020) + 1 parts Alizarin Crimson Hue Premo (#5383)
    • Find a complete list of color recipes for the discontinued Studio by Sculpey line on Polyform’s site.
  • Studio by Sculpey Supplies: Most other Studio by Sculpey-branded tools and supplies have been re-branded under the Sculpey name.
    • Studio by Sculpey Bake & Bond Bakeable Adhesive is now available as Sculpey Bake & Bond.
    • Studio by Sculpey Glossy Glaze was discontinued. While Sculpey does produce a Glossy Glaze, it is a different formulation that is thick and difficult to apply, and often peels off after drying. Instead, try Future Floor Finish or Minwax Water-based Polycrylic. Be careful about using clear nail polishes and other clear varnishes, because many will react with the clay and eventually become sticky.